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Since Clearwater have taken over management, we have seen the general standard of the development raise and a number of long standing issues with both the developer and previous managing agent resolved. Clearwater seek to work with the residents and committee to provide a safe and pleasant living environment striving to ensure that value for money is achieved from the developments budget.

Committee Member St Georges Island

Clearwater have been excellent in their day to day management of the development and responding to problems that have been encountered over the course of the last 12 months. Following an incident to the courtyard area, Clearwater arranged for additional fencing which was effective and installed promptly, removing the danger of further incidents. On a more personal matter, when it was discovered that my apartment has developed a leak – They went on to deal with the insurance provider to have the water damage in the flat re-decorated. This removed a lot of the hassle and stress from what was a difficult problem.

Committee Member 360 Apartment

I would say that to date, the service has been excellent, and a breath of fresh air in comparison to the previous agent. The development is in the best condition it has been in, and this is being done within the constraints of the budget

Committee Member Base Apartments